1007 German Ale
1007 German Ale

1007 German Ale

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This true top cropping yeast ferments well at a broad range of temperatures with low ester formation and little or no detectable diacetyl. Fermentation at higher temperatures may produce mild fruitiness, and some yeast particulates will stay in suspension once fermentation is complete. The finished beer will mature rapidly, even when cold fermentation is used. A great yeast choice for any cask-conditioned British Ale and one that is especially well suited for hoppy bitters, IPAs and Australian ales. Produces a nice malt profile, and finishes crisp and slightly tart. Low to moderate fruit ester producer that clears well without filtration.

Flocculation: Low
Attenuation: 74-78%
Temperature Range: 55-68° F
Best Used In: American Wheat or Rye Beer, Berliner Weisse, Biere de Garde, Dusseldorf Altbier, Kolsch, Northern German Alt

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