1.5" Tri-Clamp RIMS Tube
1.5' Tri-Clamp RIMS Tube

1.5" Tri-Clamp RIMS Tube

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1.5" tri-clamp RIMS tube is designed to maintain constant mash temperature. It can also be used for step mashing and also mash-out. This RIMS setup features all tri-clamp fittings for easy cleaning and disassembly. To clean, you can disconnect the two halves and pass a brush through the entire tube body. The body diameter is 1.5" OD metal with a 1.375" ID, providing for an improved flow rate across the element to reduce any possible wort scorching. A 16" overall length of the RIMS tube itself allows for almost any heater element to be installed and a unique 2-piece design allows the inlet and outlet to be rotated to any angle from each other that you want.

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