ABS Brewniversity Brewing Classes

ABS Brewniversity Brewing Classes

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Intro to All Grain Brewing Class: Feb 16
Intro to Extract Brewing Class: March 15
Intro to All Grain Brewing Class: April 11

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Each class covers the fundamentals of the brewing process, brewing vocabulary and everything you need to know to brew your first batch. We recommend the extract course for beginning beer brewers. Each in-store class will include about 1-2 hours of instruction time, a brew day demonstration and Q&A, and a beer tasting for $10. Good deal, right? Attendees will also get a coupon worth 15% off a purchase of equipment or ingredients.

We've also added something new to the mix: A Mead class! This is a beginner-level class aimed at equipping you with the knowledge and tools necessary for producing your very own batch of mead. The class includes the equipment and ingredients needed for you to brew along with the instructor. Each attendee will put together a 1 gallon batch of mead during the class to finish at home. Attendees will also taste examples of a dry and sweet mead in class. Tickets for this class are $20, since attendees get their own ingredients and small equipment kit.

Class dates are subject to change. Please specify which class you'd like to attend.

Feb 16 2020 at 12 pm - Brewing 201, Intro to All Grain.

March 15 2020 at 12 pm - Brewing 101, Intro to Extract Brewing.

April 11 2020 at 12 pm - Brewing 201, Intro to All Grain.

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