Basic Homebrew Equipment Kit for 5 Gallons of Beer (Glass Carboy)
Basic Homebrew Equipment Kit for 5 Gallons of Beer (Glass Carboy)

Basic Homebrew Equipment Kit for 5 Gallons of Beer (Glass Carboy)

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Our Basic Five Gallon Brewing Equipment Kit provides nearly everything you'll need for your first batch of homebrew. All you'll need to provide is a 5 gallon brewpot and approximately 50 12 ounce bottles! 

Kit includes:
  • 6.5 Gallon Glass Carboy - This will be your primary fermenter, where your beer will sit for a few weeks after your brew day while you wait for the yeast to convert the sugar in your wort to alcohol.
  • Three-piece Airlock and #6.5 Drilled Rubber Stopper - You'll stick these together and put on top of the glass carboy, to ensure CO2 can get out, but no outside air can get into your fermenter.
  • Adhesive Fermometer - Put this mini-thermometer sticker onto your fermenter to know the temperature at which you are fermenting.
  • 6.5 Gallon Bottling Bucket with Spigot - This is the bucket with a hole in the bottom, which you will use to fill your bottles with finished beer. Spigot assembly included.
  • 3' of 3/8" clear tubing - Used to connect your bottle filler to the bottling spigot.
  • Bottle Filler - A spring-action tube that will make filling your bottles easy.
  • Red Baron Bottle Capper - A simple tool for adding caps to bottles.
  • One Step Cleaner Combination cleaner and no­-rinse sanitizer - Crucial for making sure the only microbes fermenting your beer are the ones you intended.
  • Triple-Scale Hydrometer - A tool used to measure the density of your beer. The difference in density before and after fermentation tells you the alcohol content.
  • Auto Siphon and 5' of 5/16" clear tubing - Used to effortlessly transfer your wort from kettle to bucket, or from fermenter to bottling bucket.
  • Beer Bottle Brush Use to clean beer bottles - DO NOT use this brush to clean your plastic buckets it will leave scratches that can harbor bacteria and make your beer taste bad. Instead, soak your plastic containers in One-Step Cleaner.
  • Carboy Brush - Use this L-Shaped brush ONLY on the glass carboy!
  • Thermometer - Accurately measure the temperature of your wort on your brew day.
  • Stainless Steel Spoon - Good for stirring your beer during the boiling stage!
  • Brewing Handbook  - A quick reference guide to brewing.
Pair these items with one of our ingredient kits, and you'll be more than ready to craft your first and finest batch of homebrew!

**We do recommend a wort chiller as an upgrade for your brewing experience.

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