Brut Force IPA (All Grain Kit)
Brut Force IPA (All Grain Kit)

Brut Force IPA (All Grain Kit)

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Bundle Item: Amylase
Amylase Enzyme
Bundle Item: Glucoamylase
Glucoamylase Enzyme

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It's all the rage! The Brut IPA is hyper-dry, like a champagne, through the use of both amylase enzyme and glucoamylase, both of which break down complex sugar molecules, allowing yeast to power through every bit of sugar in your wort. Hopped with a menagerie of tasty tropical hops, including Citra CRYO Hops, all added late in the boil or as a dry hop - expect a flavorful and aromatic hop character without a huge dose of bitterness. All the cool kids are brewing Brut IPAs - you want to be cool, don't you?

This is our Kit of the Month for September 2018.

Bottle caps and priming sugar are not included but are selectable on this product page.

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