CO2 Refills and BeerGas (Nitrogen) Exchanges


CO2 Tanks

We have the lowest prices on CO2 tank refills in the Raleigh - Durham area! And we'll fill 
your CO2 tank, rather than other stores that do tank exchanges where you may be given a beat-up old tank in return for your shiny new one. As long as your tank has been recently tested (check the date on the neck of the tank, which must be within the last 5 years), we will fill it!


CO2 Fill Prices:

2.5 pound tank: $8.99

5 pound tank: $13.99

10 pound tank: $18.99

20 pound tank: $28.99

Filling CO2 tanks can only be done in store during open hours. On certain days where the brewery is tying up the CO2 system we will post on our Facebook page that we are unable to fill that day. This usually occurs on Monday, so please check accordingly.

The datecode will look very similar to what is shown in the photo below. Instead of an arrow shape you may see an A or C in a circle. The important thing is the first two digits are the month and the last two digits are the year. You have 5 years from the date of the most recent stamp until the tank must be re-tested at a facility that can run a hydrostatic pressure test.


Expired CO2 tanks can be re-certified at:

Inspections are good for 5 years, and cost around $20.


1. Pye Barker Fire Safety
832 Purser Dr, Raleigh
(919) 779-4010

3. Airgas Raleigh
4301 Capital Blvd, Raleigh
(919) 876-6710 *SWAP ONLY

4. Metro Fire & Safety
130 Wolfpack Dr, Durham
(919) 220-3265

Beer Gas Tanks (Nitrogen-Blend)

Beer Gas is a food grade 75/25% blend of Nitrogen and CO2. This light blend of CO2 allows some amount of carbonation to blend directly into the beer without making it too bubbly, while the Nitrogen does it's job to make the beer creamy. Beer gas tanks can only be purchased and exchanged in-store. We carry the 20 cu ft and 40 cu ft versions of these tanks.
 WE DO NOT RECOMMEND PURCHASING A BRAND NEW TANK FROM AN ONLINE SOURCE - you will lose your shiny, new tank when you bring yours in for an exchange.

Beer Gas Exchange Prices:

20 cu ft tank: $19.99

40 cu ft tank: $34.99

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