Crude Bitters & Sodas Big Bear Bitters

Crude Bitters & Sodas Big Bear Bitters

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Bitters are a great addition to any cocktail. Made by soaking fruits, spices, roots, barks, and basically anything else you can think of and carefully blending into a beautiful, strong mix of flavors. These bitters are a rich, velvety and perky addition to any cocktail. Using dark roast coffee beans and bittersweet cocoa nibs, a couple of drops with rum or bourbon is perfection. Consider adding this to a batch of beer for an extra kick of concentraed coffee and chocolate goodness.

4 oz bottle

Crude Bitters & Sodas is a local business here in Raleigh that provides a variety of soda drink mixes known as shrubs and bitters for making craft cocktails.  If you are ever in the area, check them out at their store, restaurants around town, or at Person St Pharmacy!

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