Epiphany Malted Corn, 2L (Epiphany Craft Malt)

Epiphany Malted Corn, 2L (Epiphany Craft Malt)

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Sebastian cracked corn and all of us care, because he malted it as well!

This corn is kilned above the gelatinization point, making it easier to mash and eliminating the need for a cereal mash. The corn has a brilliant yellow shine, and tastes of fresh June sweet corn on the cob. Sourced from a family farm that is the only grower of this variety, Driftless Yellow John Henry corn. Try some in a Cream Ale or a Lager!

PLEASE NOTE: Our mill has a hard time crushing this malt separately. For now, we can only crush it as part of a larger recipe, or sell it unmilled (you can take out your aggression by pummeling it with a hammer.)

Malted in Durham, North Carolina by Epiphany Craft Malt.

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