Fading Sun, Low on the Horizon (American Wheat Extract Kit)

Fading Sun, Low on the Horizon (American Wheat Extract Kit)

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In the never ending summer, we gaze at others with desire across the void of our hearts. This beer reminds us to hold onto the ones we love and be merry like the fading sun, dancing on the horizon, low in the sky. This American Wheat beer features Rakau hops - with stonefruit and pine hop character well balanced by that familiar wheaty flavor we love in a nice American Wheat. For the record, this beer started with a different name which some of our crew greatly preferred. The beer was originally called the"Fading Sun Like Lovers Intertwined On A Midsummer's Eve, Laying Lovelocked and Still In A Field Of Golden Waves" Wheat - what a mouthful!

This is our Kit of the Month for June 2018.

All extract recipe kits come with steeping grain bags. Bottle caps and priming sugar are not included but are selectable on this product page.

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