Fusion 25 (Propane) - Ruby Street
Fusion 25 (Propane) - Ruby Street

Fusion 25 (Propane) - Ruby Street

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Digital Control Package?
Yes (+$1,899.00)
Add a chiller?
50 ft Immersion Chiller (+$99.00)
Plate Chiller Package (+$375.00)
Add a HERMS coil?
Yes (+$425.00)
Add a Whirlpool Arm (with valve)?
Yes (+$89.00)
Add Natural Gas -> Propane Conversion Kit?
Add Natural Gas -> Propane kit (+$180.00)
Custom Color?
Red (Standard no extra charge)
Custom Color (let us know which color in the order comments!) (+$195.00)
Thru Wall Return Fittings?
Mash Tun and Boil Kettle - Included with system
Add one to the HLT (+$60.00)
Kettle Thermometers?
All 3 Kettles - Included with system
Sight Glasses?
Add one to the HLT (+$88.00)
Add one to the Boil Kettle (+$88.00)
Add a hop filter (SS, 6x14, 300 Micron)?
Yes (+$85.00)
In-line Oxygen Package (with regulator)?
Yes (+$180.00)

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Modeled after the popular Fusion 15, and based on a demand for larger kettles, this culmination of large 10" burners nested under tri-clad bottom 25 gallon pots creates a winning combination of volume, performance, and value.  The 25 gallon pots will brew finished batches ranging from 10-18 gallons.  The small frame (70.5" overall length) allows this system to easily transported.  

More options than you see above may be available! If there is a particular feature you're looking for, let us know via email or by calling us (919-670-4043)!

More information can be found on Ruby Street's product catalog at this link: http://www.rubystreetbrewing.com/graphics/UploadFile/9349/rsb_information_catalog_2017_.pdf

Complete System Includes:
(1) Frame - Welded Steel Construction (powder-coated)
(3) 25 Gallon Stainless Steel Kettles (with TRI-CLAD bottoms and lids)
(3) 10" Cast Iron Burners (with gas manifold & regulator)
(2) Stainless Steel wall-to-wall False Bottoms
(3) Thermometers
(2) Stainless Steel Pumps (with remote On/Off switch)          
(2) Thru Wall Return Fittings (Mash & Boil)
All SS Tri-clover Fittings & Silicone Tubing
Complete Owners Manual (with 1 year limited warranty)

Fusion 25 System Dimensions:
70-1/2" wide x 26" deep x 44-1/2' high (height includes kettles)

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