Honey Malt, 22L (Gambrinus)
Honey Malt, 22L (Gambrinus)

Honey Malt, 22L (Gambrinus)

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Malt sweetness and honey like flavor and aroma make honey malt perfect for any specialty beer. Made by restricting the oxygen flow during the sprouting process, Honey Malt is essentially self-stewed. When the oxygen is cut off, the grain bed heats up, developing sugars and rich malt flavours. The malt is lightly kilned for a color color profile of 25 SRM and is devoid of astringent roast flavors. Honey malt has a diastatic power of 50, and can convert itself but not additional adjuncts. It is best mashed with a base malt. Use up to 25% in specialty beers for a unique flavor but most brewers use around 10%.

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