It's time to start kegging!

Posted by Andrew on 11/24/2015 to News
Are you feeling the itch to start kegging your beer? We're having a sale on kegging equipment for Black Friday this year - 10% off all kegs, CO2 tanks, regulators, and draft hardware - so it's the perfect chance to get draft beer flowing in your home. There truly is no better way to enjoy beer than to have it flow out of a keg - it takes so much less time and effort to keg than it does to bottle your beer. I like it especially because it allows me to only pour half a beer if that's all I want (or maybe 1.5 beers!). 

Just use the coupon code "BFKEG10" at checkout to receive the discount! Click here to view our kegging equipment. 

We've also got a Cyber Monday deal going on - 20% off mash tuns, on Monday only. Check out our on-sale All Grain equipment by clicking here!

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