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  • Shipping Liquid Yeast:We ship every pack of liquid yeast with an ice pack – however, during the summer months sometimes even that won’t be enough to keep your yeast cold. We strongly recommend that you consider brewing with dry yeast during the summer months, since dry yeast is not as susceptible to heat. Since the shipping time and temperature inside a shipping truck can vary greatly, we cannot guarantee the single ice pack will keep everything cool when you buy liquid yeast in the summer months. Additional ice packs can be purchased at the following link:

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One dose of Omega Yeast's specially formulated Propper Seltzer™ nutrient powers your favorite beer yeast through a healthy sugar-based fermentation in as little as 7 days. Want even faster? Try 4 days with Propper Seltzer™ nutrient and Omega Yeast's Lutra™ GF Kveik!

Best results can be achieved with these strains, but traditional strains work as well!:
Lutra GF Kveik (OYL-071)
Hornindal Kveik (OYL-091)
Voss Kveik (OYL-061)
Espe Kveik (OYL-090)

One (1) pack provides yeast nutrient for (5) five gallons of sugar wort at 1.060 (15°P) or lower.

1. Add sugar to hot water and stir to dissolve. Boil for 10 min, measure gravity, boil longer if necessary to reach desired gravity.
2. Once desired gravity is reached, turn off the heat source and add Propper Seltzer nutrient.
3. Transfer the sugar base to the fermenter at desired fermentation temp. Aerate by shaking or oxygenating
4. Pitch your favorite Omega Yeast strain and let it roll.

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