Pin Lock Keg Kit (Squeeze Faucet)
Pin Lock Keg Kit (Squeeze Faucet)

Pin Lock Keg Kit (Squeeze Faucet)

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O-Ring Kit
CO2 Regulator
Keg Lube
CO2 cylinder
Gas Disconnect
Liquid Disconnect
Swivel Nut 1
Swivel Nut 2
Gas Tubing
Beverage Tubing
Squeeze Faucet

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Single pin lock keg system complete with:

1) 5 Gallon Pin Lock Keg
2) 1/4" MFL Liquid and Gas Pin Lock Disconnects
3) 1/4" Swivel Tail and Nut for Liquid and 5/16" Swivel Tail and Nut for Gas Disconnects 
4) 5' of 3/16" Clear Beverage Tubing and 3' of 5/16" Clear Gas Tubing
5) Tubing Clamps
6) Squeeze Faucet
7) 5# CO2 Tank (Unfilled) and Deluxe Single Gauge Taprite CO2 Regulator

The CO2 tank is shipped unfilled.  To get this filled, check with your local homebrew shop,  or a welding supply shop.

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