Spike Brewing CIP Ball
Spike Brewing CIP Ball

Spike Brewing CIP Ball

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Another cool innovation from the Spike engineers; the low-pressure CIP ball! This CIP ball was specifically designed to work with the more common 7GPM pumps. It has also been tested with larger sump pumps which are also commonly used for CIP applications.

The CIP ball fits through a 1.5" TC port. This allows for quick install of the CIP ball after fermentation. This works especially well with cleaning the temp control coil. We recommend a 5-10min CIP with 160F brewery wash to give a nice and shiny fermenter!

Pro Tip:
If you do not have a FLEX+ lid with 1.5" TC port you can attach the CIP ball to the secondary port of your FLEX after an initial dump and rinse. Then simply CIP as described above!

-1.5" TC x 1.5" TC
-Low flow design

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