The CarbSquatch
The CarbSquatch

The CarbSquatch

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It's a 'Squatch. CarbSquatch uses the laws of physics to accelerate the carbonation process – simple and easy.

In short: Gently shaking your keg of cold beer creates more surface area, speeding CO2 absorption and allowing you to fully and accurately carbonate your brew within 24 hours.CarbSquatch has an internal eccentric weight which operates at a specific mass and frequency to create the right wave motion in the keg which significantly increases the surface area of the beer exposed to CO2. Use the included mounting band to attach CarbSquatch to the keg. It’s intended to be a tight fit, to hold Squatch in place during the carbonation process.

CarbSquatch should be attached to the keg so the top of the back mounting surface is even with the top ring of the keg as shown. This placement creates the correct wave motion of the beer inside the keg; placing it lower on the keg will result in less desirable surface area generation. Set your regulator to your desired pressure + 1 PSI and attach the CO2 line to the ‘out’ port on the keg – this is important. The added 1 PSI accounts for the hydrostatic pressure of the beer in the keg over the diptube. Injecting the CO2 through the diptube creates a stirring action in the keg further increasing overall beer exposure to the CO2 in the headspace of the keg. After 24 hours, you’re finished. Reduce your PSI to the desired setpoint and attach the CO2 line to the normal ‘gas in’ port. Perfectly carbonated beer, easy. And, no cleaning…

MANAGERS NOTE: We do not currently stock The CarbSquatch, but it can be purchased through this site and drop shipped to you within two to five days.

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