Quarterly Brew Off


The Quarterly Brew Off is now a BJCP Sanctioned Competition! Each Quarterly Brew Off will focus on ¼ of the categories within the BJCP Style Guidelines. We do this to encourage you to brew a style you haven't brewed before, in addition to highlighting styles that correlate with the season that each Brew Off takes place. By the end of the year, all 4 Brew Offs will have covered all of the BJCP Styles! When deciding what style to make, be sure to refer to the BJCP Categories listed for that quarter to see what available styles each category contains. You can find the BJCP Style categories here.

Within each quarter, participants are able to make a Spice, Herb, Vegetable, Fruit, or Alternative Fermentable beer as long as the base style is one of the styles listed within the categories assigned for that quarter. (BJCP Categories 29-31 include Spice, Herb, Vegetable, Fruit, or Alternative Fermentable Beers. Please refer to these categories in addition to the base style you choose) 

Never entered a competition or want to learn more about how to better prepare for a competition? Take a look at our Quarterly Brew Off Curriculum! 

How BJCP Judges Analyze Beer – Part 1: February 24th @ 6 pm 
This event walks you through how BJCP judges break apart your beer using sensory analysis and how to understand your score after you have entered a BJCP Sanctioned Competition. This class is the first class in our Beer Competition Curriculum to better help you prepare for our Quarterly Brew Off Competitions! 

How BJCP Judges Analyze Beer – Part 2: April 21st @ 6 pm *21+ only event – please bring your ID 
This Class gives you hands-on experience on how to break apart your beer using sensory analysis. We will focus on Aroma, appearance, flavor, and mouthfeel. Be prepared to sample 3 different beers that highlight malt, hop, and yeast-derived flavors. 

Off Flavors Course: May 19th @ 6 pm *21+ only event – please bring your ID 
Join us for this course on Common Off Flavors found in beer! We will be tasting 6 different off flavors, discussing why they happen and how to detect them in beer. This course is capped at 20 entrants and costs $20.00 per person.

How to Prevent Oxidation and Diacetyl in Beer: July 14th @ 6 pm
This course digs deeper into the processes behind packaging and fermentation techniques that help prevent oxidation and diacetyl in beer. 

Using BJCP Guidelines to Improve your Recipe: August 18th @ 6 pm
BJCP Style Guidelines help us to analyze whether a beer is true to style once it is brewed. You can also use the guidelines to inform how to adjust your recipe and ensure that you have set yourself up for success in brewing a true-to-style beer. Join us to find out how! 

Misinterpretation of Guidelines: October 13th @ 6 pm *21+ only event – please bring your ID  
We will be sampling beers that were entered as a particular style but missed the mark and discussing how to appropriately place this beer in the correct style in addition to ways that the beer could be improved to get closer to style. 

Take your brewing process to the next level: November 10th @ 6 pm 
  • Grain crush & Mashing Techniques
  • Use of Specialty Grains 
  • Water Profile for different styles of beer 
  • PH 
  • Fruit/ Spice / Vegetable / Alternative Fermentables 
  • Equipment & modifications for each style of brewing 

Best Of Show (Top 3) - based on best example of Style 
Best of Category – 1 award per category based on points given 
Best Homebrew Club – Homebrew Club with the best average of points from the top three club members (each club as a result MUST HAVE at least 3 club members enter the competition to be eligible for this award) 


1st Quarter 
Drop-off window: March 25th to April 1st 
Judging Day: Sunday, April 2nd 
Awards Given: April 16th 
Categories: 31 Styles & 6 Categories 
  • Category 3: Czech Lager 
  • Category 12: Pale Commonwealth Beer 
  • Category 21: IPA 
  • Category 27: Historical Beer 
  • Category 26: Monastic Ale 
  • Category 25: Strong Belgian Ale 

2nd Quarter 
Drop off window: June 10th-17th 
Judging Day: June 19th 
Awards Given: June 24th 
Categories: 23 Styles & 6 categories 
  • Category 1: American 
  • Category 5: Pale Bitter European Beer 
  • Category 18: Pale American Ale 
  • Category 24: Belgian Ale 
  • Category 28: American Wild Ale 
  • Category 23: European Sour Ale 

3rd Quarter 
Drop off window: September 9th-16th 
Judging Day: September 17th 
Awards Given: September 23rd 
Categories: 26 Styles & 9 categories 
  • Category 2: International Lager 
  • Category 4: Pale Malty European Lager 
  • Category 6: Amber Malty European Lager 
  • Category 7: Amber Bitter European Beer 
  • Category 10: German Wheat Beer 
  • Category 11: British Bitter 
  • Category 13: Brown British Beer 
  • Category 14: Scottish Ale 
  • Category 19: Amber and Brown American Beer 

4th Quarter 
Drop off window: December 2nd-9th 
Judging Day: December 10th 
Awards Given: December 16th 
Categories: 27 Styles & 9 categories 
  • Category 8: Dark European Lager 
  • Category 9: Strong European Beer 
  • Category 15: Irish Beer 
  • Category 16: Dark British Beer 
  • Category 17: Strong British Ale 
  • Category 20: American Porter and Stout 
  • Category 22: Strong American Ale 
  • Category 32: Smoked Beer 
  • Category 33: Wood Beer
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